Why We Exist

Many lawyers in New Zealand and Australia are struggling to find a good balance between using third party case management software on the cloud and ensuring security and privacy of their client data on the cloud. Hence many law firms still manage their own computer infrastructure on premise with its own risks and costs. eDeJure.com offers you a SaaS solution where you don’t have to compromise and can get both. We do not only take the burden of managing the infrastructure off your shoulders, we enable you to cooperate in a most secure and efficient way with your colleagues, with agencies and with your clients to lower your operational costs. With us, your data is safe and hosted locally to meet your data residency requirements.

Who We Are

eDeJure.com is a brand owned by NoviMix group which own also such brands as "Independent Information Security Rating Institute Ltd."(IISRI). eDeJure.com is a company registered in New Zealand as eDeJure Limited. eDeJure.com is the result of a high need expressed by lawyers for a secure case management platform which will meet New Zealand and Australian regulations, including data residency requirements.