Designed by lawyers, built by security experts

eDeJure makes your life only easier. You worry about your law cases, we deal with your security and privacy obligations.

Your own branded client portal

You can manage your cases with your clients from any device, 365 days a year. Give your clients the best experience and confidence that they are dealing directly with you: choose to brand the eDeJure portal with your logo and by using your own domain name.

You are in control

Only you have access and only you can decide who else should have access to the sensitive case data. Not even eDeJure staff, your Internet service provider or any government has access to your data. You can not only control access on a fine granular level to each document, but also see in your dashboard who has accessed your files and when.

Data residency

EDeJure understands that you might have client or regulatory obligations to keep case data in a specific country or region. EDeJure respects that and ensure that your client data is stored only in the location of your choice. Read about the importance of data residency here. Just choose during the registration process the location where you want your data to be saved.

The only case management platform with a security and privacy certifications

EDeJure is built according to international security and privacy standards. It is the only case management platform that has a security certification and a privacy certification.

Designed and built for USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and UK.

Designed and built initially for New Zealand and Australia, we are now expanding our service to Canada, UK, The Netherlands and USA.

Workflow tasks, tracking and approvals

Create multiple projects, invite people, assign tasks and related documents. Track progress on the task level and track time on the project level. Our platform caters for a workflow approach with approvals and completion of tasks. Our brilliant notification system will let your team members know when you are stuck with a task assigned to you.

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Designed and built initially for New Zealand and Australia, now also available for Canada, UK, USA and soon in the EU.

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